I belong to no nation, no civilisation, no society, no race, but to the Divine.
I obey no master, no ruler, no law, no social convention, but the Divine.

- The Mother

One Force

It is Her 144th birth Anniversary on 21st February 2022. The below excerpt is taken from Volume 32, The Complete Works of Sri Aurobindo, The Mother – With Letters on the Mother.

One Force

Is there any difference in your working, and the Mother’s working – I mean any difference in the force or effectivity?

No, it is a single Power.

23 May 1933

Of course you are right in saying we are one and whatever is given is from both.  If I give, the Mother’s Force goes with it, or else the sadhak would get nothing, and if the Mother gives, my support goes with it and gives it my light as well as the Mother’s. It is two sides of one indivisible action, one carrying with it the other. It is the Mother’s Force that gives the push, but also the peace.

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Lights on Life

Pulses of truth that clears up life’s pathway and makes it a joyful and confident journey

Questions and Answers

Our ordinary life is fraught with doubts, confusions and questions on its various aspects. Our Questions and Answers section is a compilation of questions on multiple subjects, asked by aspirants to Sri Aurobindo and The Mother and the answers given by Them. Please visit - an answer may be awaiting you, even if you do not have a question.


You have only to aspire, to keep yourself open to the Mother, to reject all that is contrary to her will and to let her work in you — doing also all your work for her and in the faith that it is through her force that you can do it. If you remain open in this way, the knowledge and realisation will come to you in due course.

– Sri Aurobindo


On life’s journey, we are sometimes struck by a distressing obstacle in our path, numbing our strength and capacities to move ahead. Or it could also be a strong aspiration that blindly seeks an expression. At these times, if we concentrate and sincerely search for an inner guidance, it does somehow reach us through some means and a path opens up, almost like miracle! If you are in a situation like this, try our Guidance section and see if it helps. Do share your experience with us.

Events and Announcements

Glimpses of recent activities at SAS

Sourcing Our Oneness

The 6th ‘Sourcing Our Oneness’ camp from March 26 to April 6, 2022, aimed to help us, we who strive for the realization and fulfillment of the aims and ideals of Sri Aurobindo and The Mother. Organized in the beautiful scenic venue of Van Nivas, Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Nainital.

Thresholds We Cross

We cross several thresholds in our spiritual journey - each one marking a departure and new beginning. During this experiential online workshop from 24 to 26 February, 2022, Lopa will be drawing from the Works of The Mother and Sri Aurobindo and the sources of diverse cultures as the guiding light to the unique self-journey. Enroll to the Journey towards spiritual plenitude and growth!

Svarnim Puducherry Splash

With a view to create awareness about the water bodies in Puducherry and their preservation, Svarnim Puducherry inaugurated a 7-week Water Festival on 2 February 2022. The awareness campaign is designed to be participatory with cultural programs in the villages and art exhibitions contributed by children,

Sri Aurobindo's Vision of Human Unity

As part of Sri Aurobindo Society’s celebrations for the 150th Birth Anniversary of Sri Aurobindo, AuroBharati and AuroYajna invite all for the fifth Special Lecture by Shri Manoj Pavitran on Sri Aurobindo's Vision of Human Unity, as a special offering for Auroville Foundation Day on February 27, from 4 to 5 P.M.
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Meeting ID: 895 3747 6848
Passcode: 388890

Self-development Tools

AuroYouth has released a series of mini compilations as a tool of self-development. These are free downloads that aim to help you in the path of discovery and evolution of the self.

SARVAM Turns 17!

SARVAM, the rural development wing of Sri Aurobindo Society completes 17 long years of unfaltering aspiration, determined toils and holistic on February 2, 2022. The journey started with one village in 2005 and now have the footprints across 60 villages and a rural population of 1,50,000. It has interconnected and worked across domains of children education, women empowerment, self-sustainability for the vulnerable, digital literacy of the community, youth leadership, health and sanitation and resilience against disasters. The journey continues with enhanced vigour and the un-subdued flame of aspiration.

Animation Film – Sri Aurobindo A New Dawn

Sri Aurobindo: A New Dawn – The Path Forward

An animation film ‘Sri Aurobindo: A New Dawn’ is being made by Sri Aurobindo Society, to inspire the youth of India and the world through the story of Sri Aurobindo and his immense contribution to the renaissance of India, as its offering for the 150th year of Sri Aurobindo’s birth.

The movie is at present in its script writing stage. The kernel of the script emerged during several discussions held in Puducherry between the Production team from Mumbai and the Project team at Puducherry, along with several long-time followers of Sri Aurobindo.

Here are some short video-excerpts from the discussions:

Watch Suresh Eriyat, the founder and creative director of Studio Eeksaurus talk about Why We have chosen Animation as a Medium.

To know about the Approach to the Film, click here!

The Path Forward describes how the Production team is going to proceed further.

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Offering in Humility and Gratitude

We have stepped into an important year on 15 August 2021 as it starts the 150th birth anniversary of Sri Aurobindo and the 75th year of India’s independence. This section is our humble offering to this momentous occasion. We will bring a few golden glimpses from the Master’s avataric life as well as a few glorious achievements of independent India.

Sri Aurobindo as a teacher at Baroda College

Sri Aurobindo was a favourite amongst His students at Baroda College – for His unique teaching style but more for His personality which was both magnetic and gentle.

In His classes, He would introduce the subjects to the students in a way that first intrigued their interest and caught their attention. Then He would get into the depths of the subject and help the students explore multiple dimensions of it.

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Readers' Column

Our incapacities are occasions for our celebration. And why so? Let Sushmita explain.

A cherished incapacity!

In the Unity duality none, containing all in Itself, in It all ‘an other’ loses its identity. Antonyms turn out as synonyms, even if not humming the harmony of a homonym. 

Disintegration is realised as integration in essence, essentially leading to integration veiled as disintegration. Destruction reveals the hidden ongoing construction… Meanings take a huge bashing and beating!

An all-pervasive crashing and crushing down of the facades of individuality it is… and thus of superiority, of inferiority, as well, none capable anymore of being a justification or an excuse… 

Capacity and incapacity too naturally face each other as one, having collapsed and coalesced… And in times such as these, with wars and battles being fought, in the battlefields within and hence without, though in a very garbed and subtle manner, mankind facing the hard and harsh reflections of its own ignorant projections, a cry, a prayer comes out, seeking an ‘essential incapacity’, and a cherished one at that…

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Dose of Sunshine

(…is all we need to embrace life with a smile!)

Potion of Laughter

Schools are reopening after a long hiatus. It is a big change from a big change. Have their learnings changed too?

Jacob: Why was the teacher wearing sunglasses to school?

Leonard: Why?

Jacob: She had bright students!

Nate: Why was school easier for cave people?

Kate: Why?

Nate: Because there was no history to study!

Luke comes home from his first day of school, and his mother asks, “What did you learn today?”

“Not enough,” Luke replies. “They said I have to go back tomorrow.”

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A Capsule of Good News

The power of a litre Hyper-preservation of water helps to grow a seed into a fully harvested tree! Padmashree awardee Sundaram Verma makes this dream of all the eco-conscious humans, a reality. Learn how and apply!